Beef breed Brahman raises hope of meat supply boost

Eid-ul-Azha is around the corner. The Qurbani haats (markets selling sacrificial animals) are already abuzz with activities amid the presence of buyers and sellers. The cows that reach the market are mostly reared in farms around Bangladesh. Throughout the year, cattle farmers concentrated more on fattening in organic and natural methods. Now the customers are more aware about the effects of antibiotics, artificial growth promoters and harmful chemicals. Everyone is looking for the cow that has been reared organically. Even the farmers are now more cautious and they are concerned.  Continue Reading

September 11, 2014 Shykh Seraj Comments Off on Flood threatens livelihood of farmers

Flood threatens livelihood of farmers

Continuous rainfall and rising water level in the upstream of Bangladesh are the main causes of increase in water at most of the rivers and other water bodies across the country at the moment. Continue Reading

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