Food security

Women behind silent agri revolution

International Women’s Day was observed throughout the world on March 8. The theme this year, set by the United Nations, is “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030” while another theme titled “Be bold for change” got popular in the social media. Continue Reading

Bean boon for farmers

Indiscriminate pesticide use continues in Meherpur, ignoring health risk

Continue Reading

Efforts on to check wheat blast ahead of next season

Wheat fields in the country’s eight southern districts were affected with ‘wheat blast’, a disease caused by fungus, in February this year. There was no option but to burn all the affected wheat fields. Continue Reading

August 25, 2016 Shykh Seraj Comments Off on Four crops a year, boon for farmers

Four crops a year, boon for farmers

Dear readers, a few days back I went to Jhakuapara of Gaibandha, a district in the country’s northern region. There, the landscape is different; some lands are higher and some low. On the relatively high lands farmers are cultivating a local variety of Aus, known as Parija. These farmers are cultivating four varieties of crops in a year. Continue Reading

HEAD TO HEAD Food security and hidden hunger

Everyday 17,000 children around the world die of hunger. And 800.5
million live in extreme hunger. The main reason behind hunger is
poverty. Continue Reading

Mobarak Ali shows the way

Organic farming has changed the fate of an ideal farmer of Panchagarh. Continue Reading

October 16, 2014 Shykh Seraj Comments Off on Concentrating on family farming and technology

Concentrating on family farming and technology

SCIENTISTS’ role in ensuring global food security is evident. The world’s most renowned rice scientist and the father of hybrid rice, Yuan Longping, has ensured food security for the highest populated country of the world, China. Continue Reading

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